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Um, Titanic Awaits?!?

If anyone has seen the wreck of the Titanic, you'll notice the major deterioration of both the hull, and the interior portions of the ship.

Of course, Goliath was sunk 27 years after Titanic, but I find it hard to believe that the hull would have remained watertight after 40 years submerged in 1000 feet of ocean.

Not only the pressure, but corrosion would most certainly have flooded the ship long before the technology became available to find, and/or rescue the trapped passengers.

Just my 2 cents.


Well how many other things do we see in films which are not really possible? Anyway it did help to make a good story which was about the society which has developed on the ship.


A) The movie was made several years before Titanic was found, so they didn't know any of those things then.

B) It's just a with a premise that is meant to be pretty far fetched to begin with. Really, it's not possible this could happen, but makes an interesting thing to roll over in your head a bit.



Its a friggin movie!!!!Its not a documentary.Jeez,some people.......