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A Joke: The 9 Months I Lived In East Chicago Indiana

I lived in East Chicago Indiana back in the mid 1970's. I even went to Roosevelt High School, in my 10th grade, which is the school the main characters attended.

I lived in the East Chicago neighborhood of Marktown. People from the area will know this place.

It was a bad experience.

The grit and landscape was so industrial. Steel mills, factories and train tracks were everywhere. The air pollution was beyond belief. The winter wind chill off the great lake was brutal.

Which leads me to describe it with a variation on the old joke:

The 9 MONTHS I lived In East Chicago Indiana were the worst 5 YEARS of my life.

This movie did little to change my low opinion of East Chicago Indiana.


On an aside, a good drinking game (even though I do not imbibe) would be to take a drink everytime Georgia says "Kiddo". You'll be drunk in no time short. She uses that term over and over in the film. It was so annoying.

Ye Olde Sig Line:

Liberals kill with ABORTION.
Conservatives kill with the DEATH PENALTY.
I kill with THOSE and WORDS.


Marktown, no kidding? Of course the air was horribly polluted. You were living inside a steel mill right next to an oil refinery. Did you ever see the sky while living there?
I grew up in Whiting.