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Four Friends, my best friend of film in th 80's

I was so fortunate to watch this film back in the 1981 in the theater, I paid the tickets a few times to watch it over and over again. I was 18.

I like both actors Craig Wasson and Jodi Thelen ever since. I saw Carig some times in other low-budgeted films, but never saw Jodi Thelen again except only in Four Friends.

Now decades later, at my mid-40s. I still like "Four Friends" a lots.

The torture of emotion between Danilo and his father reminds me of the same situation with my dad in true life for so long.

About the kind of love-hate relationship Danilo had with Georgia, I have a very strong emtion when I saw the reaction Danilo had the moment he was so disappointed having to leave Georgia after they met in the water dance along the street, where Georgia bared her feet and danced with the other kids.



Wow, I thought no one would have ever visited and read my post, much less a good reply. Thanks.

Agreed. I recently briefly watched Bonnie and Clyde in Cinemax channel, a great film back in 1967.

For Four Friends, it almost told my own story and my mind.


You were lucky to have seen this in the theater. I hadn't heard about this film until this week, when I found a VHS copy for a buck at a thrift store. What a bargain!

It was a very well-written, well-acted, engaging drama. Craig, Jodi and the rest of the cast were excellent, and the plot took some very surprising turns -- particularly at the wedding.

This is truly an overlooked gem.


hey poserpo- loved the movie too- saw it in the theatre and it was the first movie on when i got cable and never heard hide or hair of it till i got a dvd on amazon- i know those bridges into east chicago and the neighborhoods around it- it meant alot for the boy to honor his 'pain in the ass' father- what father isn't worth his salt 'cept for being a PITA! If the movie has deeper meanings i'd say for the years gone by, one luvs Georgia like one loved the 60s- she'll either mature or be lost to us forever.


Thanks for the good words "socally626", sorry for late response.