Couple Questions

1) Where were Danilo's parents going on the boat at the end of the movie? It seemed like wherever they were going, Danilo was not going to see them ever again.

2) Were we supposed to know who was in the car the rolled out the window of the dance club?

3) Was Jodi hoping that all three of her male friends were going to "ravish" her on the lawn towards the beginning of the movie?

4) Did anyone take away anything from the scene with Adrienne running away from her father other than they had some sort of argument?



1) Back home to Yugoslavia; he was almost certainly never going to see them again

2) Georgia's friend/girlfriend - no spoken words, just a waste-oid from her wild life

3) probably, but probably just as aware that they wouldn't actually do it

4) they'd had sex, again, perhaps forcible sodomy ("We've done it all")


Thank you very much!


Not on that boat they weren't!
That is a Great Lakes freighter, a cargo ship for chemicals, tataconite, iron ore, coal, lime stone, etc.

Several have the same paint job on the Great Lakes.
Here is one, The Edward L. Ryerson.