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Could someone please list the main historical errors?

Could someone please list the main historical errors in this?
For example, did the character played by Signe Hasso really exist, or was it just a literary device by the writers to enable Evita to come face to face with a critic? Did she really have the head of the Ladies of Charity arrested? The reason I ask is that nothing I've read about her even mentions these two incidents, yet they are in the tv movie. So, did they really happen?

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Thanks. Does anyone have anything else to add?


I heard that the old lady who was refused burial at her funeral really did happen. Apparently, though she was never jailed, she did piss Eva off, and Eva really did take that action on her.

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The character of Fedora never existed and the character of "Renata Riguel" was in actuality an actress named Libertad Lamarque, who was threatened by the young ingenue and terrorized Eva until she quit acting to pursue politics.

Oh, please! You sound like an Evitista.

Lamarque never terrorized Eva nor did she feel threatened by her. At the time, Lamarque (who was 10 years older) was already an established movie star, while Eva was still trying to break through in movies. (Eva was mainly a radio personality.) They only worked in one film together, La cabalgata del circo, in which Lamarque was the star and Eva Duarte had a minor role yet Evita acted like a prima donna, often arriving late and making a big show of using Perón's state car and bodyguards. Lamarque finally got so fed up, she decided to confront Evita. According to an eyewitness, they had a heated argument in which insults/threats were exchanged, but Lamarque never slapped her as portrayed in the movie. Later, after Eva became first lady, she made it difficult for Lamarque to get acting jobs so Lamarque left Argentina and started a new, more successful career in the burgeoning Mexican cinema, and later became a beloved figure in their popular telenovelas.

Furthermore, Eva quit acting of her own accord. She realized she'd never be the respected actress she aspired to be, so she abandoned the acting for the political stage. After Perón's release from prison, she used all her efforts to help him get elected. In fact, she was the first wife of a candidate to go on the campaign trail. Evita was many things, but passive was not one of them. Nobody could make her do anything she didn't want.