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Uncut Version/Rita Daniels Death!

Hi i would like to know if there is the full uncut death scene of Rita Daniels in the full print of Camp Bloody Thatcher. The version i saw was the cut Turkey Shoot one and before she is about to get killed it cuts to the next scene, she was a great character would be interesting to know if her death scene was longer.

Any help would be appreciated!


I've always wondered the same thing! I have the supposed "uncut" version from Anchor Bay on DVD, but things just don't seem to flow when it comes to her death. She's there one minute in the midst of turmoil, then all of a sudden she's dead and you know something crazy has happened to her.


Given the way this film is done - the fact that it made the hard cut from the scene where she is about to get trashed to the scene where she is lying on the ground, some how seems to fit as is. The movie is gory, to be sure, but none of the death scenes are particularly drawn out - for example when the camp head gets shot into little itty bitty bits, its gory and about 45 seconds of screen time - so I cannot see it being a drawn out affair - just mediocre directing.


The first time I saw ESCAPE 2000 (on cable TV), there was NO scene of Rita lying naked, dead! Just Jennifer and the white haired prison warden conversing as a covered body is loaded on a truck. It wasn't until I saw another version called TURKEY SHOOT that it showed the bloody body of Rita, but there was still no "death scene" at the hands of the lesbian Jennifer. "Alternate Versions" says the uncut version is available in Australia and UK. What about the US?? Do any include a beating/death scene?

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Nah you don't see her die. If you saw her bloody, naked and dead with an arrow through her cheek you've seen the uncut version.

There was a lot of cost-cutting on this movie. According to Steve Railsback ion the Not Quite Hollywood doco, it's because the producers were gambling the budget away down at the racetrack.


Sexy Dancer is right. There is no actual "kill" scene for her. it goes right from her getting caught to her hunter stepping over her mutilated corpse. According to the documentary on the Anchor Bay disc, the "money shot" of her corpse was filmed in post after the main shooting wrapped.


The dvd listed at says 93 mins
screens on foxtel Jan 26 10.25pm Movie Greats


Hope this clears up whats been cut and not etc

Here the original cuts

The new inmates to the prison camp are welcomed by sight of Mr Ritter (Roger Ward) beating up a female prisoner. 46s of punches and kicks have been deleted along with shots of the woman spitting blood and dying.

2:24s has been cut from the punishment of a man who had failed in an escape attempt. He gets kicked around amongst some gasoline balls and is finally set alight and killed.

The first victim of the hunt, Dodge (John Ley) loses several shots; 13s showing Alph (Steve Rackman) ripping off Dodge's toe and eating it, 25s of Alph carrying, dropping and stamping on Dodge, 16s of Alph beating up Dodge plus 6s of Dodge's arm being broken and 14s of Dodge having his back broken.

Griff (Bill Young) is also killed in a curtailed scene. 20s of cuts made up of the shooting of two arrows by Jennifer (Carmen Duncan) followed by 5s from his death from being run over.

24s is missing Alph's death, so we don't get to see his eye being mangled after a stabbing, neither do we see him get cut in half or Tito (Michael Petrovitch) firing off a missile.

15s has been cut showing a lesbian advance and then Jennifer running down Rita (Lynda Stoner).

Ritter's death loses 11s of his screams, 2 close-ups of his twitching chopped off hands and then 2s of him lying in the sand and dying.

Finally a 4s close-up of Rita lying dead with an arrow protruding from her mouth has been deleted
.................................................. .................................................. ....
The 1993 Vipco release titled Blood Camp Thatcher restores most of Alph's death but deletes even more of the killing of the escapee. Beware of the US version; Escape 2000, it has suffered 13 minutes of cuts.

The warden beating the women is in.

The escape being punished is in.

Dodge having his toe ripped off and ate is of his killing is in but very slightly touned down. u dont see his back being broken just shows u how he going to do it then goes to next scene.

Griff being shot by arrows and run down is in.

24s is missing Alph's death, so we don't get to see his eye being mangled after a stabbing, neither do we see him get cut in half or Tito (Michael Petrovitch) firing off a missile........Still missing

15s has been cut showing a lesbian advance and then Jennifer running down Rita (Lynda Stoner). ........Still missing

Ritters death of his arms being cut off is in

And finaly the arrow in rita mouth is in

PS All those who thought this was violent or gory then u either not seen
many films or u best sticking to tom and jerry,


Thanks for the info here. I just watched this on Amazon (as Escape 2000) and its only 78 minutes long. Seemed very choppy, particularly the Rita/Jennifer scene. I'm less interested in more gore, but would really like to see the actual lesbian sex scene if there is one. All the version I saw had was Rita holding the arrow up to Jennifer and then leaning in like she is going to kiss her, and then it cuts away. You never see Jennifer again or her body, just Rita walking up to Thatcher in the burning field.

So was there any actual action between the two filmed? Could have used some more gratuitous nudity or sex in this, I think.


This DVD version in the UK is, amazingly, completel;y uncut, and includes everything mentioned by the other posters here:

ALthough Play want £9 for it, it's readily available much cheaper than that. I got mine in a local poundland shop for a whole quid!

But, yes, there is still no actual death scene for Rita, just the build up and aftermath.

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Thank you gag-34 had heard about some of those uncut scenes but your detailed account was very helpful!


I've seen the local (french) version, and even at its release, it was uncut. The Rita death scene is not shown, only the aftermath (which makes it even worse imho)
On the documentary shot in 2003, everyone seems to think it's a dreadful movie. A good chunk of the budget went poof ! It's gone, along with the whole build-up of this 1984-esque society.They had to cut 15 pages in the beginning. So, considering the conditions, it's not that bad ! Best enjoyed as a very twisted comedy, which was what the makers intended, according to themselves !


I think it's purposly done so we can make up our own minds about what happened, I mean the hunters last words to her are
"I'm going to make you feel things you've never felt before" or something along thsoe lines, then she licks the arow, god knows what happens to the poor prisoner girl, but the corpse shot proves that some nasty *beep* went down...



I’m watching this on Shudder and all the scenes listed in previous posts are in it.


Yeah, just watched this on Shudder via Amazon, 93 minutes long. But still, you get Jennifer (crossbow lady) running her arrow over Rita and acting like she's about to go lesbo prison warden on her, and then it cuts and you later see Rita's bloody corpse. Booo. I would have liked to see Jennifer getting it on with Rita or stripping her or something. This was tease with no payoff.


I hope you’re able to move past this disappointment.


Yeah, it'll be tough. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.


Don’t forget that you’re also in my prayers.