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Some thoughts on the meaning of the title, Eijanaika

I found the following on a website that helped me further understand the meaning of the title of this film, "Eijanaika":

…. 'Ei ja nai ka?' the term itself? 'Isn't it good?' or even more colloquially, 'What the heck?' I don't have my history very precise, in which case you'll need to check into this… I would say maybe around 1700s or so, when villages protested from having to pay exorbitant taxes for rice and the villagers were so poor, down and out with nothing to lose, they took to the streets pillaging the village, just to express their discontent. And as they went down the village streets they were dancing and saying "Ei ja nai ka ei ja nai ka!?" - ranting and raving. But the thought of "what the heck" is like, "I have nothing to lose", "I am in the moment right now", "I am expressing myself right now".


The title of the film appears in some other forms, like when Genji says "Why not?" in English to the ambassador after being told he can't return to America. I like the title BTW, catchy.