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Herbert Vesely did an admirable job about Egon

Took me forever to track this down. Well worth it if anyone does..

The point of the movie is that behind all the beauty, the reason why, is always something else. But you must start with what is first, before the why, and not with simply a vision, as what modern art is now, from a young age, and why it rings, so, so, so, false, and dumb.

Egon in his young days simply painted things as they are. What you should do. But people never like that.

In any case, the foundation he set for himself, if he would have lived, this kills me, he would have made Picasso look like the eternal schoolboy that he was.

As for all the beautiful women in the flick, as my grandfather told, there are beautiful women, and those that only look that way.

And I always get into debates with the women that I live with, I pose that Egon was the worlds first great feminist, as he posed women as they are, but not what they want to be, hence their conflict, and his too.