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UK DVD being released July 9th 2007

available for pre-ordering on Amazon now!


And a wonderful DVD release it is... the commentary track is fantastic, though the gap between the production and the recording of the track has obviously fuzzed everyone's memories somewhat.

Lovely transfter, colour crisp as the film stock would allow. I was very surprised by the huge use of Liverpool as a backdrop for a large chunk of the production. Either as itself, or as the imaginary East European "ill" city ... the Albert Dock pre-face lift and shops is a vintage view of late 70's/early 80's Liverpool.

I defended Sting at the time for his acting ... and I am glad to see my memories didn't let me down. I recall a lot of my school friends slagging off his performance in this ... and naturally since it was never repeated we couldn't settle the dispute. All the actors hand in great jobs here ... and the production is top notch. Doesn't feel like a television production at all.

That movie has warped my fragile little mind.