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The Killing of McNeal Counties Children

First off,the title is misleading,since no child dies due to the PCP.

You have a kid getting wacked out due to a supercharged PCP cigarette,thinking he's "getting" the devil,so he drives like a stuntman and crashes.Then he's a literal vegetable along with another fellow student. Thats sorta far fetched if you ask me.

Note that after they pull the kid out of his ex-police yellow 71 Plymouth Satellite to put him in the back seat of Buford's blue car,you see the same duct taped seats and front yellow door frame.Blooper.

Note that after Michael Pusser jumps off the roof and lands face first,a crowd shot shows the ambulance coming to a stop and jouncing.This shot was taken when Pusser's car and the ambulance pulls up and comes to a halt.

Note that Michael Pusser has no facial bruising even though he jumped 20 feet and landed face first.

Note that every barrel of Piparadine that Pusser comes across has the tabs bent outward and the lids loose.
Also,notice that the chemical is hazardous and a corrosive,yet its spread on the ground,barrels picked up by grabbing the rim,the guy in the warehouse has it pour all over his vest while he's tracking down Pusser.

The trailer truck that Pusser stops from the chemical Company just happens to have the Piparadine barrels at the rear of the trailer,and the lids are unlatched.Pusser then lets the truck continue on with nothing holding the remaining barrels rope,no gate,nothing.

The black LTD that Oliver Moss tries to make a getaway with is the same car used in Protectors of the People that Aaron is making a getaway with.

Pusser hits Moss's LTD in the windshield with his stick,yet when you slow down the video,its actually a rubber stick that bends backwards and doesnt break the glass.


I loved this episode from the first frame to last. I didn't even know this series exsisted until yesturday. This one was GREAT. It's nice to see television before "Political Correctness" came into effect.

As for the comments made about not matching the correct's a television show. It's on whole different Mr Mom TV show-mikael Keaton got his job back at the end, 9 to 5, different post histories were given in the film that couldn't match the series, and so forth.

This show is WAY better than the Brian Denahey Made for TV movie.