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Jo Don played Pussar, Bo WAS Pussar... so there!

did anyone see WT part 3? In that movie there is a movie made about Pussar, and of course it's Walking Tall, the original. Bo, who plays him, goes into a theater to watch the movie, and you can hear the movie playing.

Here's the funny part, and why Bo is the definitive Pussar.

Because on that screen, Joe Don Baker was PLAYING Pussar, and Bo, in the audience, WAS Pussar watching an actor play him. Well, they didnt actually show Joe Don on the screen, but you could hear the original movie playing. I thought that this truly established that Bo was the real deal.

Bo was the best.

I like Joe Don Baker better as a villain anyhow (CHARLEY VARRICK, FLETCH and THE NATURAL - where he's a jerk more than a villain but you get the drift - come to mind)

And for the guy who said that Pussar didn't carry a stick in real life...

So what, because BO did!


In actuality,the movie playing that "Pusser" was watching was not the real Walking Tall movie.Neither was that Joe Don Baker heard in it.That was just a clip make for the movie.
I have differing feelings on those who played Pusser.
First off,Brian Dennehy was so far out of his element playing Pusser its not even funny.Thats one portrayal that never should have happened.
Joe Don Baker has more of a "Southern" feel about him,and you sorta felt more for his plight than the others who played Buford.
Bo Svenson was by far more of a look a like to the real Pusser,and he certainly was tall,so Bo "walking tall" was no stretch.But...I dont "feel" for his plight as abused Sheriff as I would toward Baker,and frankly I cant picture Svenson being whipped like Baker "was".Really,you dont see Svenson taking much of any abuse in the TV series or the 2 movies.Wonder if he was against it?
Its no wonder though,that when the TV series was being dreamed up,Svenson was their first and only choice as Pusser..all things considered,he was the best choice.


Joe Don Baker WAS Buford Pusser FAR more than Bo Svenson was, check out Buford's daughter Dwana's book Walking On, Joe Don was friends with the real Buford and she got along with him FAR better than she did with Bo Svenson.


Well,I did like Joe Don's cocky portrayal of the special troubleshooter/car driver in Speed Trap (1977)...he confidently sped off to catch a car thief,and made a few jokes along the way. Guess thats what he was forced to take for roles after his Walking Tall days ended.
His car was even a pseudo copy of the Tomato that Starsky & Hutch used (only it was a red/white striped 71-72 Dodge Charger).