Very Surprised

When I ordered this dvd early March, I could never have thought how it would have turned out. I am a big fan of the late Ian Richardson and I just bought it because everyone was very enthusiastic about it, but I didn't carry any interest in it. So when it was up for € 12,99 on, I couldn't resist. I bought it with a whole lot of other dvds, it arrived and went straight to the shelve, I'm ashamed to say. It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I decided to watch it.

I was literally blown away by it. Michael Elphick is brilliant, but Ian was even more. I found myself laughing at every sneer Major Neuheim gave, at his characters of Stan and Melfort. Just goes to show what a great actor the man was. I'm really ashamed that I was so careless in thinking that I might not have liked this series: I watched all 6 episodes in two days. And now it's become one of my favorites.

Thank you Jack. Thank you Michael. But above all, Thank you Ian. RIP guys.


I agree, I just bought the DVD. I can remember little about the series first time round (I was only 7) but my dad reckoned it was brilliant. I'm happy to say he was right. I absolutely loved it and can recommend it.


Late reply, but I so agree. Everyone is great in this, but Ian is beyond awesome. When you think of the incredible dramatic performances he gave us, and then realize what a brilliant comic actor he was as well--what a revelation, and what a range!

I've been a great fan of Ian since the Seventies, and I don't think I could name a single most favorite role of his, but his multiple turns in this have won a very big place in my heart--I admire him even more after seeing this (and I miss his unique presence all the more).