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it actually happened

MI5 files released now -

Nazi counterfeiting "destroyed" confidence in the British currency in Europe by the end of World War II, according to newly released MI5 files.

A 1945 report in the National Archives suggests Germany began production of the fake notes five years earlier in a bid to undermine sterling.

Notes began to enter neutral countries by D-Day and the Bank of England issued the first of two recalls. etc


And this article from the Express discusses the forged British banknotes (with a face value of seven hundred million pounds) discovered in Lake Toplitz, where the concluding scenes of episode 5 are set -

"Private Schulz" is an amazing story and a brilliant miniseries.


Considering Jack Pulman's brilliantly hilarious treatment, I was really pretty stunned to find just how much his version of this story hewed to the true events...'stranger than fiction', for sure!