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One of the best TVseries ever made.

The BBC is trialing an archive service and put episodes one and six on the internet.

I first saw the series in 1981 and was captivated. Watching it again everything is so right: the acting, writing, direction etc

Two things come to mind:

1) What a great writer Jack Pulman was and how sad he died relatively young.
2) How handsome Michael Elphick was before alcohol ravage him.



Great stuff. I can't wait for the DVD.
I always wished for more Michael Elphick, but he didn't appear in much that was televised in the States.

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I agree. I felt Mr Elphick had so much more to give than "Boon" which is probably what he will be remembered most for. I can still remember being appalled at how he looked in "Eastenders" towards the end of his life. it wasnt a very likeable character either.


Was lucky enough to just see this recently. Brilliant stuff, the acting is perfect in every instance, and Pullman's script is hilarious in the continual series of totally unexpected left turns it takes. This deserves to go down as a classic of the genre, and a classic bit of television in general.


Saw "Private Schulz" when it premiered in 1981 & it knocked me sideways; six first-class scripts by Jack Pulman, and each of them expertly directed by Robert Chetwyn. Michael Elphick anchored the show with a surprisingly engaging and sympathetic character, leaving Ian Richardson free to cut loose with one of the greatest acting tour-de-forces of all time. And as for Billie Whitelaw, I don't think I'd ever seen her looking so beautiful or projecting such warmth and intelligence.

Yet somehow the show slipped off the radar screen, overshadowed by higher-profile British imports like "Brideshead Revisited," "The Jewel in the Crown" and "House of Cards." But in spite of this, I never forgot the incredible saga of Private Schulz and his scheme to forge British bank notes. The show never received a Region 1 DVD release, which meant American audiences were deprived of the opportunity to revisit a long-forgotten masterpiece. Fortunately, some terrific person made the entire series available on YouTube, which gave me the chance to savor its brilliance all over again.

So see it however you can; just don't miss it.


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