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Greenhouse effect bleating needs a rest

No matter how much I loved seeing this series as a teenager, I'm still a little irritated with the ongoing harping on the "greenhouse effect".
Greenies should give it a rest and check their facts - were it not for this "effect", this planet would not have an atmosphere !!!
Now I feel much better :-)

-- Kris


I guess you didn't really learn much from what he was saying...


Well, that depends on context, place and time - doesn't it ?

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with your poor and cheap shot.

The irony is that this has *nothing* to do with what Carl might have said - or lack thereof. That's your first mistake.
It has been a well established scientific fact (for quite some time now) that our planet's "greenhouse effect" has allowed the acquisition of an atmosphere.

I'm not sure why I'm entertaining your silly post, considering that your supercilous persona reveals the reason why you're so misinformed.

One could indeed argue that setting the record straight about this matter might better belong else where, as I'm sure we would readily agree that no one's in a hurry to affect Carl's legacy - far from it.

But my post about greenie houses still is pertinent and not out of place when it is put in its scientific context... so... I guess I conversely am entitled to assert that "you didn't really learn much from ... ??? huh ???"-> I'm lost here !
It would help if you attempt to rectify someone, to actually qualify *what* I am supposed to "not to have learnt" by your claim.


I thought that the greenhouse gases do help to protect Earth from UV rays, but when the effect becomes too strong it traps gases in leading to increases in temperature, etc. Forgive me if I'm wrong (I've never watched Cosmos, this is just what I remember from high school.).


Carl said it himself - a little greenhouse effect is a good thing. And like he said about our blood clotting - too much clotting, and our blood would solidify. Too little and we'd bleed to death from the merest scratch. So my young, ignorant friend, the careless use of fossil fuels and HFC's will eventually disturb the delicate balance and put our planet in serious peril. Educate yourself before you spout off again of topics you obviously know nothing about.


Said the self-righteous know-nothing who believes himself to be educated.