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Not pressing the button after the fake explosion

That seemed like quite a gamble. It's hard to believe the ransomers wouldn't press the button afterwards, just out of curiosity. It's only a button. The temptation would be overwhelming.


Kramer actually almost does press it. When the first deadline is reached, he says something about if Ruth hadn't been blown up already "I'd be doing this right now" and just starts to press the button when the radio buzzes for him.

Yeah, it was a gamble (ffolkes even says as much), but I didn't find it hard to believe that they wouldn't have pressed it after seeing the (fake) explosion.


Not so much a gamble? They had nothing to lose.

Without fake explosion the evacuated Ruth would get blown up by Master Bates.

With the fake explosion the evacuated Ruth may get blown up by Seaman Staines.

They gave themselves something to win, not lose.

Kinda like when you see a good guy in a movie safely shoot someone in the shoulder in the hope that one of the bad guys won't then shoot that person. Not really a gamble, more like 'here's hoping!"

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