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Roger Moore's Greatest Role?

Wow. This could have been so much better than it is, but that is more the fault of the director, poor editing, and whatever shmuck was behind the production design. Because the performances are first rate, including Perkins, and the story (though kind of a mess) is quite gripping, with some fantastic cinematography.

But Moore really steals the show with this one. He is so much more alive and believable than he EVER was as Bond, and seems to be having a grand time doing it.

Anyone agree?

There, daddy, do I get a gold star?


This quite possibly is Roger Moore's finest role, and it's too bad this didn't become a series of films. He seems a better fit here than as Bond (though I loved him there). Normally this is the type of film that would have me snoozing, but Roger's humour, the strong cast and the beautiful cinematography made it extremely enjoyable.

It is kind of choppy at times (like the ocean), and the various titles probably put some ffolks off, but I'm glad I finally saw it – 30 years after it was released.


Allong with Bond, yes.


no this movie is stooopid. his best role is in The Man who haunted himself from 1970 where he plays 2 roles of himself, a gripping performance or two



Though I found the movie reasonably entertaining, I actually thought Moore hammed up his character.

Perkins too, but less so.

I agree that Moore's best role is "The Man Who Haunted Himself".


Agreed! I think this is hands-down Roger Moore's best film role.