"Id been searching for this for years and just recently JITLOV himself has put a DVD image up online for Download as long as its only for personal use theres like a whole cool disclaimer at the begining but its a good transfer and stuff its a version with out the subliminals in it."

What are subliminals, and in what context do they appear in this film?


Where was that quote from, and why were the "subliminals" removed?

I suspect "subliminals" refers to all the prestidigitation going on in this film. There's a lot of manipulation of film stock, a lot of quick cuts, and a lot of who knows what going on here. At times this film gave me a headache (but in a good way), with some of the laser flashes and animation – just like what happened with those Japanese cartoons a few years ago.

Sorry, this really doesn't answer your question, but it's been almost three years and no one else has tried.