Does this movie have a good tsunami? I heard about this movie being a bad disaster flick, but it sounds interesting to me. The tsunami has always been a facinating natural disaster to me, and movies have pretty cool ones.


The Tsunami sequence is both good and bad.

It's also very, very breif. The small town is being rocked by tremors because of the erruption. People are runing about the street and falling over. Sam, Mona and two girls drive off as Tiny and Kelly are runing around the main street trying to catch a rooster (Don't ask). People scream as they see stock footage of a tidal wave coming toward them. This is the bad part.

The good part is extreemly short. Everyone has taken refuge in Mona's bar (except for Mona, Sam and two girls who drove off) and the tidal wave crashes through destroying the set and killing people. After this the car Mona and Sam are in stops and they look back to see the tidal wave crashes up against a minature ridge.

It's a good sequence, and one of the better ones in the film.


The tsunmi sequence is atrocious

but great viewing on that basis.



I've always wondered why the wave the didn't overwhelm them before they got the car moving again.