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'When Time Ran Out' - Special Edition

I know this is no masterpiece, but if Warner Bros and Irwin Allen Productions, who own this picture, do to it what George Lucas did with his first three "Star Wars" movies in 1997--namely a complete cgi-special effects overhaul--it would make it certainly more watchable and would make a ton of money in dvd/bluray sales, since nobody has touched this movie since the day it was released on vhs.

As the movie was shot with blue screen elements, it would be incredibly easy to replace all the special effects (since they destroyed the movie at the box office, it may be a great pleasure to those at Warners) and add in whole new volcanic landscapes, tidal waves and the rest at a fraction of the cost - and as the movie itself isn't great, I would really go to town with the new special effects, to make it as good as say "Dante's Peak"--only better.

Also correct all the bad editing, punch up the sound design, get John Williams to rescore the whole movie (wishful thinking I know....Alan Silvestri perhaps?), get William Fraker who worked on the original "Poseidon Adventure" and "The Towering Inferno" to perhaps advise on this retread -- and you'd have a pretty good movie, certainly a much better one. Also a lot of scenes were shot out doors with blazing blue skies, making it very easy to change and add elements.

And I don't think anyone whatsoever would be upset over these changes--this movie was a bomb when it came out at Easter 1980, in and out of theatres in a week--although some of the stars might (Paul Newman still calls it 'that volcano movie' and said it was the only movie where the cast all look like they don't want to be there).

What's the point of somebody spending $100 million remaking this when the original is such a basket case, Warners could get those working on the latest "Harry Potter" and give them a couple of months on this?

(Also -- a new poster: considering the all star cast, the original was one of the lamest in cinema history and certainly helped destroy the movie at the box office. Would the great Mort Kunstler, who did "The Poseidon Adventure" poster, drop his civil war work just one last time and do a new poster for this picture?)


That's an awesome idea and i'd love to see it happen !