Funniest Line?

I Do Like This Film But I Do Have To Admit The Characters Do Say Some Stupid Things...

When The Volcano Errputs...Kay says:

"Theres Nothing To Stop It Is There?"

Hmmm, How Do You Stop A Volcano From Errupting?

Also Tiny Repeating Everything The Scienctist Says:

Tiny: How Do You Track Them?
Man: That...
Tiny: That?

Tiny: Bring them Up Now!
Man: I'm Trying To,
Tiny: You're Trying to!

Come And Get Me You Sonofabitch! - Ellen Brody

Who_Shot_JR formally KnowAll897


i watched it taped on italian Rete 4 so i focused more on scenes and music :D :D
i understand very little italian.