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Take your medicine ? Why?

So, I really love this movie to start with. I watched the movie and I'm now reading the book, almost done actually. Let me say, I like the movie more.
That's all I'm going to say about how I like the movie more.

But in the novel Jack says " take your medicine"
When he follows Wendy and when he knocks down the door. I don't like that line. Take your medicine? Can someone explain the significance of that? I don't think Danny or Wendy take any mess to begin with ? So why say " Boo" or " take your medicine" ? Couldn't he be creepier and say Honey I'm HOOOOME or there you are darling?


It's a metaphor. If you take your medicine you will feel better soon = if Wendy accepts her fate and let's Jack kill her, all be the horror and terror will be over soon, as in "the pain will ease because she's taking her medicine".


I actually forgot how cringe-worthy some of Kings's dialogue in the novel was - until I saw the miniseries. Kubrick turned Jack Nicholson's dialogue into snippets from popular culture. Honey I'm home, Then I'll huff and I'll puff, Heeeeeere's Johnny! San Francisco here I come, exit.

As Jack becomes more insane, the less able he is to speak like a human and sounds more like a television repeating popular phrases from famous sources like children's cartoons, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and folk songs.

I wonder if Nicholson could have made those goofy King remarks work. I doubt it. Webber sure couldn't. But Webber couldn't even begin to look as psychotic as Nicholson, so King failed with his choice of actors. Looking normal is less important than really being capable of acting like you are nuts. One of Nicholson's best scenes in the film is my avatar image - right after he kills Dick...



So, I was watching this the other day(Per my usual weekly viewing lol) and I noticed 2 things, one related to this. The entire film plays out as it's a Novel within a film that Jack is writing. However, it's plagiarism. Telling stories from the past, but sloppily. Hence the inconsistencies throughout. BUT, what really caught my eye was how the "Reality" scenes (Outside the Overlook) are just BADLY WRITTEN... On purpose! Hallorans entire trip to the Overlook is full of what a Bad Writer would pull off. It's just lazy. And the crushed Red Bug takes on even more significance in this viewpoint. It's crazy stuff. I'll get back with some more of what I noticed but it definitely seems like Kubrick was taking a shot at King and Modern Literary Horror


"Take your medicine" is an old school slang for accepting your "justly deserved" punishment. It comes from the idea that medicine tastes bad and you may not like it but it's necessary for you to get better. Another version is possibly in a fight "come back and take your medicine like a man!" A good child obeys and takes their medicine so parents would make that connection.

In the movie and book, Jack has decided, thanks to the Overlook's evil influence, that both his wife and his son need "correction." He was angry already that physical punishment was off the table because of his wife's demands after he dislocated his son's shoulder. Of course he's crazy now so his "correction" will end in death if he's allowed to execute it.