Ray looks the same!

I knew Ray Gange back in the early 80s when he stayed with my friend Linda and I for awhile...even though he didn't seem all that bright he was an engaging fella without a mean bone in his body. He was pretty much drifting around during those early days of the music scene and took advantage of his 15 minutes until the momentum ran out....hadn't heard anything about him until I got this special edition of Rude Boy and watched the interview included in the extras.

He looks pretty damned good for a 55 year old ex-punk...a few more wrinkles than before but still someone I'd recognize straight away if I saw him on the street. He also seems ALOT more articulate than he did back then and alot more together, but I also have to remember we were all so young in those days, hardly more than kids really, though it's pretty hard to imagine it today. Yeesh! The years have been pretty kind to him...wish it'd been that way for the rest of us!