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The Clash bigger now than then?

I saw the band times and I love most of their music and most of the gigs I saw were great but when I tell younger people that THE CLASH are bigger news since they split up than they were back in the day they think I am mad.

I first saw them at the Edinburgh Odeon autumn 1978,the gig was fantastic,it is described in one of Irvine Welsh's novels.
The band were very hip then,tours sold out,records selling well.

That was the tour for GIVE THEM ENOUGH ROPE,nearly a year later LONDON CALLING was out and the band were less hip,I saw them 2 nights running at the Odeon and I swear neither night was sold out.
But they were great gigs.

The band lost the plot after this,the SANDANISTA era,did not do proper tour for ages,saw them at a less than full Glasgow Apollo,RADIO CLASH was out and the band seemed unhappy,not a great night.

Saw them again at a not full Edinburgh Playhouse after the famous missing JOE drama,a great gig but they were not very popular at that time.

Finally saw them in Glasgow with the CUT THE CRAP line up,not very good and not a sell out either.

Their critcal standing grew in the years after they split up and now they are a classic British band but it was not always like that.
In comparison THE JAM sold a lot more records and their albums nearly always got great reviews but nowadays they get less praise than THE CLASH.
RUDE BOY? very annoying film but the songs are great.


Very strange lecture of History !!
Obviously you're talking about Great Britain only ! (how many P.Weller and his mates sold outside UK for instance ??)
The Clash were really big in the world just before they split, and the (real) last LP "Combat Rock " was their best selling ever...


Yeah, they kind of limped to the finish, BUT THEY WERE HUGE FROM '78 - '83 all over the world.