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There really were some snappy lines in this movie!

I should NOT have erased this off my DVR recording without first having written down some of the more memorable dialogue: there really were some priceless lines. One that sticks in my head was when David Niven, as the Scotland Yard inspector, said something like, "Yes, the police do in fact break the law. It's one of the many methods we use to uphold the law" or something like that.

If you have any favorite quotes from the movie, post them here.

"A little old lady got mutilated late last night… Werewolves of London again."


Her: "Do your parents live in America?"
Him: "They died before I was born. I've never forgiven them."
(delivered breezily as they race along in the stolen car)

Him: "Excuse me for mentioning it, but we're about to become a hood ornament for a truck."

Him: "Enjoy the food?"
Her: "My teeth are applauding."

Of her "glaring daggers": "You ought to be careful of those eyes. They could be assault with a deadly weapon."

I missed some great ones, but maybe I'll be able to catch this again. To be honest, I haven't seen it since the early Eighties and did not remember much about it among the thousands of other films I've watched throughout nearly six decades. I do want to watch it again, and it is on the schedule for the wee hours of Thursday morning. Hooray!


(I hope I got the above correct. I'll be able to check when I watch it again. This time, I'll tape it at least to jot down some quotations for my ever-growing HubPage.)


Thanks for those!

Yes, I'm definitely keeping my eye open for this being telecast again soon. I will not be so quick to erase it from my DVR this time!


Her: "That was the worst Peter Sellers I've ever heard!"
Him: "That's because it was Peter Sellers doing Omar Sharif."

"Did he dust your entire body for my fingerprints?" ~ Him to Her of Willis
(NOTE: David Niven's character makes that sort of remark (dusting her for fingerprints) to his daughter in "The Impossible Years" after discovering she's pregnant but won't say who the father is!)

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the repeat and keep hoping that it will show up again.



I checked my cable TV listings and it doesn't appear to be on a non-premium channel any time soon, so I am simply going to rent it from a video store that I know has a copy (unfortunately it's on VHS, not DVD). Can't wait to see it again. I'll try to post a few more memorable quotes here in the not-too-distant future.


I liked:

"I'm going to get you a kitten. They're ever so much fun if you strangle them right." Gillian Bromley


"Thank you for the excellent stamping of my passport." (Said with an accent) Jack Rhodes


Thanks for posting those.

I'm anxiously awaiting the re-airing of this movie on TV. I was going to rent it, but then I discovered it is only available in VHS format. I need to DVR it.


It is an entertaining movie... :)
It's been showing on showtime this month...and is airing again on sept 23 and sept 26th.