Among the best movies

Simple as saying this movie is among best..

im 24yold and i never thought about this movie before, anyway just finish watching this movie and i most say is in top of the best movies i have seen yet.

its sad how in this period of century we are living in, we have to deal with wars against poor countrys killing innocent people just for ambitions and control over then, the world is a mess and sad to be born.

Is hard to bring a kid of my same blood to this world for ambition and suffering. I rather becomme a monk or something, whatever. is a shame to be proud of any country. so stick all the flags up your butts, cause no one buys me.


& the ACTOR anthony quinn is among the best too.


I agree its very underrated, it's too bad that we can't see it in the top 250 .

Last film seen

Lion of the Desert (1981) : 10/10


IMO it's at least in the top 10 movies of all time


I wouldn't go that far, but it is better than most folks realize

Great performances all around, direction wasn't bad.

Should be in the top 250

In a world where a carpenter can be resurrected, anything is possible.