Trashy propaganda

You can't just let actors fake deaths like they used to in 50s western movies, *beep* terminator was rolling out when this propaganda piece of *beep* was getting filmed.

You can't just make every mujadeen ambush 100% successfully the italians in every single fighing scene with no losses for the lybians when you're dealing with the equivalent of armed savages with no military discipline and in numeric inferiority, that's sound pretty dull and far from being epic or something.
Italians may've been bad because of their outdated equipment, but sure as hell they were not THAT bad where they can't properly drive a truck without jumping off a cliff or anything else.

Horrible rehashed version of Giovinezza through all the lenght of the movie, just imagine having your usual nazi movie with "deutshland uber alles" pumped in every scene featuring the germans, sometime slower, sometime faster.

I also loved how the the writers indirectly made Omar look like a clueless idiot when he's talking to his friends before the final ambush, they're like "ok, rebellion is fine, but don't you realize that it's your fault if people are being detained in camps? Are you sure that people don't prefer the italian domination over our previous years of nothingness?" and omar be like "Y-yes! *beep* da white debil! 20 years of fights and nothing was achieved, let's keep fighting while our women are getting hanged! Takbir!".

Or the "we don't kill prisoners" line, heh. You don't need to read Graziani's biography to know that Senussi used to torture and mutilate prisoners before ending their misery. Far from being islamic pacifists.

Also loled at the final debate with Graziani. "Yeah you had roman empire and stuff but you were evil, ottoman empire was not evil and haven't crushed any other nation under their feet, they exported culture! Islam is a religion of peace!".

Poor old Gaddafi. I respect his desire to make his nation appear like something proud or anything, but *beep* over other countries objectively superior to your is not the correct way to gain honour and respect.

6/10 for the accuracy of the uniforms and artillery, that's all. If you're not a nationalist lybian avoid this crap.


Glad you liked it.