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I don't get it. What power did Pierre have over everyone? Did he remove protein from their diets and feed them wheat germ and valium? Or maybe the Merchant/Ivory team had a steady diet of it and consequently believed that the public would fall for this wreck of a film just as surely as Pierre's slaves fell for his con.

It is a most unbelievable plot (with amateur actors belting out operatic passages no less). And lip syncing is NOT a strong point here except by the one guy at the very end. Poor Jane Austen. Ann Baxter said it best when, as the financiers were watching Pierre's version and one comments that (bad as it is) they have to respect Pierre for his originality, Baxter says "what about respect for the manuscript." That's what I want to know.

Merchant/Ivory - why'dya have to pick on Jane!??!?

vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit...


I saw it the other day, and I was awfully dissapointed. Unfortunately this was Anne Baxter last theatrical film, a sad end to a glorious career. Didn't get the film, the plot seemed pointless. It was good to see Sean Youn in her first film. She should have worked afterwards with Ivory, not on this one though.