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The Secret of Seagull Island ~~Excellent!!

I love this movie. Jeremy Brett gives an excellent performance as David Malcolm.

When you watch this movie for the first time, you're in so much suspence. And then the end comes, your heart drops with surprise.

I recommend this movie for Brett fans and non.

A+ for the movie and D for the subtitles



This IS a nice film. I'm a big fan of movies with scuba scenes, and this has several very good ones.

I read once that this was actually originally a five hour miniseries that aired on European TV, before getting cut down to a 90 minute movie for American TV. Would LOVE to see the full length version. Would love to see a legit DVD of any kind of this film, for that matter (the ones you see on E-bay, I think, are bootlegs, copied from an old VHS copy).


their are clips of this film on youtube try going to amazon's uk website i though that it was on dvd at that site!