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Things I learned from NIGHTMARE CITY (1980)

Oh I think this film is ripe for the picking in this area, as these have been the funniest threads I've seen for a lot of 80's action movies not nearly as "braindead" as this.

* Atomic zombies are clever enough to land C-130's at Spanish airports but not enough to relay proper identification upon landing.

* Atomic zombies are sure to remove all markings from C-130's prior to taking off to spread the infection.

* A signal flare fired into the air at a Spanish airport signifies to all police and military (of which a small army is usually present just waiting around for such an event) to surround whatever plane just landed.

* Spanish soldiers can wear beards and long hair.

* Spanish Military doctrine encourages questioning and disobeying orders to shoot zombies in the head.

* Various knives, scythes, harpoons, and other sharp melee weapons just littered the Spanish / Italian countryside in the early 80's.

* No military emergency warrants disrupting "my weekend"!

* Grace Jones music was insanely popular on early 80's Spanish airwaves and prone to be on any given radio.

* Spanish medical schools supply instruction for their students to throw scalpels at anyone who barges into surgery.

* It is common for TV reporters to dream about characters they never meet or interact with.

* "Create" and "Obliterate" are mere "Words!"

* During an atomic zombie invasion, fresh spurting blood will spontaneously appear on a host of inanimate objects, such as TV station doorways and knives plunged into clay heads.

* Spanish Hospitals are staffed with several people ready to point flashlights at every important character in case power goes out and they need to explore around.

* vs. a candle-holder, an actual candle is a particularly ineffective bludgeon weapon.



Thrown televisions explode with the force of a bomb.

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* the best place to take a vacation is on the side of a highway in a random field. So much to do there. When the zombie invasion happens, random dead people will be laying just a few feet from you - but you can't see them because you are in a field.

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Army generals have nothing better to do than hang around local TV stations waiting to suppress undesirable news stories.

Zombies killing disco dancers makes for great TV.

A push mower running through the yard without an operator is not that out of the ordinary.

A clay sculpture with a bloody knife jammed into it is also not that out of the ordinary.

If you're trapped in an elevator during a zombie invasion DO NOT yell for the elevator to be lowered manually.

One lane country roads usually have heavy traffic.

When fleeing from zombies and you have to stop for gas, just get the gas and leave. Don't stop to drink coffee and have philosophical discussions about the dangers of technology.

Dogs don't discriminate against zombies. They'll frolic in a field with anyone.

Zombie priests are very loyal to their church. They'll hang around the church reading the bible and just waiting for victims to come wandering in, rather than leaving and seeking out victims.

Large amusement parks have a way of sneaking up on you.

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--A husband and wife couple can easily fend off zombies while a platoon of soldiers can't.

--When zombies kill people, the corpses will be lying down in an orderly manner with only a few streaks of blood on them.


Zombies also are tidy-many wipe their mouths after every meal.


in efforts the mask the fact that they are in a foreign country, people will refer to the big city nearest them very non-specifically as "the city" and "the town".