Music Changes on the VHS version


I remember seeing this movie a bunch of times on HBO back in the 1980s. Does anyone know who sang the song during the opening & ending credits? I think the song was called "Good for God". This song was removed from the film for the VHS release back in 1999. Also anyone know where to get a copy of the original? Thanks!


I found the answer to my own question so I will post it in case anyone cares:

The original song is called "Good for God" by Harry Nilsson. You can purchase it from itunes.


That's interesting that when they released the home video version of it...the song was changed. Hmmm. I'm sure Nilsson's song would have been good. I know Nilsson was friendly with a lot of the "cool Brits" like the Python boys and John Lennon, so it'd make sense that he'd be half chummy with Feldman. The theme song that's used now is okay...a little country-ish haha...but catchy none-the-less. I wonder why they changed it. It's as if even in the film where Marty had more creative control, Universal still managed to get their way with it's DVD release...perhaps? Who knows.'s a good movie, at least I like it.


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When they release a film on a new medium (VHS, DVD, TV, etc.) they have to re-do the licensing all over again. In some cases, an agreement cannot be reached and so replacement music is used.

Remember when the 20th anniversary DVD versions of Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles were released with "Original Theatrical Music" and people when ape5hit because the music was all wrong?

Meaning: the producers of the new DVD couldn't secure licenses for all the VHS music (the versions we all knew so well) so they used the music from the original theatrical run. Even if that was true, who the hell remembers what music they used in the theatrical version of Breakfast Club? Too funny.

So basically, that's what happened to In God We Tru$t. It's a failure to come to a licensing agreement.

In short: it's about money. Like everything else in life.