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This is What Creature From the Black Lagoon could have been!

Especially if Julie Adams had shown herself as these ladies did.


Oh hells yes.


I like to think that this is what CFTBL & even King Kong was, just super highly censored. Why else would the monsters want to abduct the female, & not just kill her like the others?

In fact, in both movies I feel that when she is rescued from the monster in its cave lair, enough time should have passed that she should already been raped & impregnated by the monster. I would even say to be rescued mid-act, but I feel it would be better to save that as the surprise for the other characters when she has a hybrid in the sequel that becomes the new killer.

to me, thats the REAL reason for the damsel in distress character type, just very highly censored,& thusly turned into a sign of male sexism.