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What are more movies similar to this one?

You can call me a perv, but I like the fact that for a change in a Horror movie the creature/killer actually tried to have sex with the hot girls instead of killing them. There is plenty of movies with sexual undertones that allude to the creature wanting to do it (creature of the black lagoon) or the monster did do it (Creature 2011) but they didn't show that one. I want a movie like Humanoids from the Deep where they actually show it.


Well there's the Corman/monster rape classic Galaxy Of Terror. Don't believe any of the "so bad it's good" nonsense you might hear about it, no, it's a really solid, really good movie. Highly recommended.

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Dan Aykroyd is a genius...



Well, here's a couple of them....

-The Terror Within (1989), zombie like humanoids on a desert apocalipse kill the men and have sex with the women who get pregnant...a la ALIEN style...not so graphic, but one of the crew girl gets knocked up fast. semi-graphic

-The Terror Within 2: (1992) The sequel....of the first obviously..a scene actually shows her getting humped doggy style, and later, they show normal sperm, and then alien sperm attacking the egg (under the microsope).

-X-tro (1982), where a women is raped in the mouth, and gives birth to an adulte alien. Extremely graphic.

- Galaxy of Terror, where a female astraunault gets raped (graphically) by a huge worm....

- Aquanoids (2003), (foreign movie from europe, need multizone), humanoids are invading and killing men, one girl gets wisked away only to be found later with a weird alien in her belly, weirdly, she's completely naked when giving birth..!

- The Beast Within (1982), a monster gets loose, rapes a woman on her honeymoon night, 20 yrs later, the offspring goes on a killing spree, rapes another young girl for his offspring to continue (graphic rape scenes with full frontal nudity)

- Breeder (1980), where nice boobied girls (and bushy in that time period) are misteriously getting raped (graphically) by a beast and they all meet at the end in a pond of goo..

- Breeders (1990 remake), same story, but better acting and actually is good.

- Humanoids From The Deep (1990 remake), where you only see the butt naked girls in some sort of crysallis which is impregnating them!

Thats all I can think off my head for now, if I remember others, I'll come back..!

Sex is like a game of cards, if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand!



What is a good site to look up the monster-rape genre, because it would be nice if wikipedia had a category for it, rather than just normal human rape films :( .

Also would be best if it were on nextflix or Hulu.

But to add to the list sorta, one of the first I remember was Hallow-Man. The invisable man unbuttons his Hot piece of ass female lab assistant's top & plays with her boob, I just wish they had her pop out both of them. But the reason I like this is because he invisable rapes his next door neighbor, one of the Lara Crofts, & while he is raiding her tomb, her "twin-pistols" are flopping around. Lara F-ing Croft, getting F-ed & showing boobs. the REAL Lara, not this reboot joke.

Another scene I liked was the Dagon movie. the naked girlfriend is lowered into the pit, comes back up cover in goo, & then it grabs her & rips her arms off. & since Dagon is a god, she obviously survives & is being raped, probly forever, with no arms.


also, The Incubus with John Cassavetes


The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) the mutants kill the male soldiers, rape the female and keep her for breeding. The rape is shown as well.

There was also a rather nasty scene at the beginning where a previous captive, completely topless and heavily pregnant, gives birth to a mutant rape baby (stillborn) so the mutant daddy kills the mother for her failure to pop out a live one.


gotta keep this monster rape movie discussion alive