Terrible Terrible film

My family and I consisting of my husband, my son age 11, and daughter age 6 do Disney family movie night every Friday night.

It is fun to catch up on old movies. The Apple Dumpling gang, the old feature length animations, Mary Poppins, Parent Trap and all those we've caught up on so far have been great!

We saw the previous 3 Herbie Movies and enjoyed them all.

This one was really bad! The music was terrible, the stunts were lame, the characters were completely unlikable, and towards the end we were just making jokes about how much longer it was going to drag on.

If you haven't seen this movie yet,




I agree with the OP. I think I was 15 when this came out originally and
was probably bored then ,watched it again on TCM channel. Yes ,it was a featured movie on TCM - why I dont know - maybe some director or producer who wasnt famous yet and hopefully forgot he was a part of this bomb.

Why Harvey Korman did this movie is beyond me ? He was a wonderful comedic actor but this movie really is embarrassing to see him in. His lines and situations are very preschool as is the humor. Cloris Leachman who overacts in every scene she's in also stars as this love starved Helen Roper type who wants to get into Harvey Kormans pants- she is so damn gross. The only scene I enjoyed was when the love bug gets dumped into the ocean, they should have also dumped ,no tied an anchor to both Cloris Leachman and the irritating little mexican boy who yells ocho all the damn time and dropped them both in the ocean as well. For that matter they should have dumped the writers and producers of this mess into the ocean too.

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I agree with all of the above. I've been a Herbie fan since childhood, and I was thinking of getting the herbie dvd pack with all the films. But when I saw that this was in it, I just said forget it, I'll just buy the other 3 individually. I have nver liked this movie, and it's definitely one the series could've done without. To be honest, I would've actually been happier if the franchise ended with Monte Carlo - seemed like it could've been a potentially solid finish.

I think everyone who was involved shares equal blame for this movie's suckiness. The first goes out ot the writer - Who could have come up with a worse script than this? The comedy (or lack thereof) is bad, and not once did I laugh at any of the jokes. Also chracter development is poor, and, needless to say, the story is very weak and forgettable. Second complaint goes to the producer for ever giving this film a green light. He should have been able to judge what was a "good" story and what may have been considered a "bad", or unappealing one. The director also deserves a round of complaints for not attempting to elevate the poor script into something better for the film (unless he thought the story was ok himself, but, who knows). Finally, to the actors - what were they thinking by agreeing to star in a movie where their talents would be wasted in a bad story - just beyond me.

I think at this point Disney has learned it's lesson of not doing something like this anymore - not all recent films, but a good portion of them are getting better.


I had never seen any Herbie films before this one. I wanted to see this one because it referenced in The Mighty Boosh a bunch of times and as a huge fan of that, I wanted to see what it was all about. I figured I'd laugh hysterically since the Boosh Boys are completely funny. Boy was I wrong. I didn't like this at all. I'm glad to have seen it since now I will understand the references... I thought they were sincere when they talking about it, but I guess they were just taking the piss.

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Well I thought it was a fun film!But it's the first and only Herbie Movie I had seen.


It was so bad, I don't even count it as a Herbie film. The first two were great, the third was good because of Dean Jones and Don Knotts, but it was slow in a lot of parts. Still, a worthy film.