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Why did Captain Blythe sit on the back seat?

First of all, I'm not making any kind of negative criticism. I am one of the only people who really like this movie.

Captain Blythe, being such a tall man, and the Volkswagen Beetle such a cramped car, why would he sit in the back seat, where he could hardly get in and was totally uncomfortable? Plus, he even does it from where the driver is, not asking him to get out first. Why didn't he just go in the front seat, where it had a lot more room for a giant man like him?

Later, he did it again in that long trip to Chiclayo.

Then again, I'm not criticing at all, it makes the movie even more fun... just wondering what was that crazy captain thinking?

«I was on the fire escape! I saw ya!»


Guess they thought it would be funnier.


Pete (Stephen W. Burns) was roughly as tall as the captain (Harvey Korman), not to mention brawnier, and he was already in the front seat, plus Blythe needed to be with Aunt Louise (Cloris Leachman) and cutie Melissa (Elyssa Davalos).