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7-12-2007.......... . I learned of this story for the first time.........

I'm almost speechless. It's important to read about history, and why we should be careful as to which "kool-aid" we choose to drink.

This story to me is disturbing as hell.

I'm 27 years old, and I don't ever remember being told about this story once. Do I have conspiracy theorys about the story involving the government? Yes. But the only reason I do is because of the MK- ULTRA stuff I've read about.

You see what it all boils down too is........ Mind Control.

And people say that a conspiracy/ inside job like 9-11 couldn't exsist because too many people would
have to be in on it. Well if mind control can be perfected, anything could be done with out the truth leeking out.

That's how I view this story...

Pure mind control.

The Manchurian Canidate is kinda what I'm getting at.


I remember this on the news when I was 11 years old. Hardly anyone remembers this.

I was upset at Disney World, in order to enter now they need your finger scanned or your drivers liscence. I always speak out against this policy because I thought that finger prints are for prisoners, not to see Mickey, but everyone just says "big deal" if your not doing anything wrong then have nothing to worry about. I watched this movie and it finally hit me... This is the same species that I am trying to reason what freedom is all about. Haha



I've just heard about it myself and am surprised that it isn't as much a part of popular consciousness as it deserves to be.

Yes, they've made a movie, so Hollywood did sit up and pay attention . . . but that was over twenty years ago! We more easily remember the Israeli athletes whom terrorists murdered during the Munich Olympics, and these events happened in the same decade!

Now, I'm not saying that one tragedy is greater than the other. It just seems to me that the Jonestown tragedy is a story that deserves to be told more often. I was just teaching George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" in class, and this would have made a prime real-life case study, had I known about it earlier.


I think it's fairly significant to Generation X, this event having occurred in our formative years. The fairly common "don't drink the koolaid" expression (i.e. don't fall for some charismatic person's words hook, line, and sinker, without any critical analysis) came from this event, of course. I'll never forget the photographs of all the bodies laying there, I think one popular news magazine even had that famous aereal shot of it on the cover. At the time I was still young enough to not really understand how that could have taken place, but by the time this movie came out I could grasp the idea of a charismatic preacher getting his followers to do just about anything--I was exposed for a couple of years in that interim to fundamentalist preachers some relatives were following, and their speaking could be very powerful and persuasive (kept me going to see them for awhile). But none of them went as far as he did, of course.

But our generation saw all kinds of crazy fads and beliefs and assorted madness throughout the 70s... kind of served to develop our uncanny BS detectors at an early age. And this tragedy was a not too small part of it.


I remember watching this movie as a kid back in the early '80's. Eerie stuff!



I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was 10 years old when it happened. The daily news reports as the body counts grew and grew until it was almost 1,000. The same pictures of the bloated bodies, some people with their arms around each other, face down. And then a couple of weeks later, the Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk assassinated. Initially it was thought to be Temple Members, but that was quickly proven wrong, with Dan White's arrest. The holidays that year felt really off.

People also forget before this all went down, Jones was a real player in San Francisco. After Moscone won election, Jones became head of the Public Housing Authority. He was a part of a delegation that met either Jimmy or Rosalind Carter. He rubbed shoulders with the power elite in The City. But after Guyana, nobody wanted to acknowledge that stuff.