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Why this movie is great.

You can laugh at nearly every scene. It's that perfect ironic funny, so badly unfunny that you have to laugh or just stare in awe.

This film manages to evoke more emotion in people (mostly negative) than movies like "New World" do with Colin Ferrell, and that in itself says something. This is right up there with Snakes on a Plane, or something Roger Corman or Troma would produce.

And for everyone that made it to the credits... how many movies have you turned off or walked out of? If you finished the turd on your plate then that musta been one really tasty turd.

Mst3k fans, Troma freaks, Corman lovers, Uwe Boll watchers, and anyone into masochism, you'll love this.

"Blue Star.... Aaaahhhhaaaahhhhh"