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This is a terrible unfunny comedy

The only reason I purchased GALAXINA on dvd years ago was because of the late Dorothy Stratten. This was supposed to be a science fiction comedy satire, obviously spoofing Star Wars and Star Trek and others, but it just doesn't work.

I actually don't want to blame the movie's actors. The whole story line is bad. These actors did what they could with the script. They probably needed the paying work as well. Dorothy Stratten was just breaking into the Hollywood movie business so she was in no position at this time to be choosy with roles. Had she lived, she would have gone on to garner greater Hollywood success.

I didn't laugh once during the movie. Well, maybe I did find some humour at the asteroid bordello scene where it looks like aliens from Mos Eisley Spaceport of the desert planet Tatooine were hanging out. There were some moments there, like when the space captain put a brown paper bag over an alien hooker who had a terrific body but a prune face.

Still, I would only recommend purchasing GALAXINA if you are a Dorothy Stratten fan and you want to feel sad watching her during this movie.


I bought it, not just because of Dorothy Stratten, but for some inexplicable reason, I'm drawn to it.

Yes, the jokes are mostly sophomoric and some fall flat and the story is lame, but that's what the movie is - it's not trying to be anything more.

I've had a sentimental attachment to it since I first saw it on cable in the early 80's. Hot summer night, tired from a day's work, and Galaxina was coming on HBO. I watched it mainly for Avery Schreiber, who always cracked me up as the Doritos commercial dude. Face it, when this guy walks into a room, you laugh, whether he says something funny or not. Plus I still get a kick out of the Darth Vader-type character "Ohh - my aching gyros!" And who doesn't crack a smile at "The Blue Star! Oooo Ahhhh!" And the production values were pretty good for a low-budget spoof.

I feel sad that Dorothy died soon after the movie came out, but I can at least appreciate what she could've been. She was sweet, hot, and vulnerable, just like her character was in the movie. That adds an extra dimension to the whole experience.

Galaxina is for a limited audience, I agree. Most people hate it, but I love it for what it is - a dumb comedy that you can kick back with a beer and watch with brain in neutral.


Yep this is *beep* no disguising .. not worth considering even as a bad film... Thhis is just a waste of film ...




<<They probably needed the paying work as well.>>

Except for Avery Shreiber, who was more or less famous for his Doritos in the late 70's, as well appearances in other, better films (including Scavenger Hunt and one of the Airport movies).

The weird thing about this picture is, I remember seeing when I was about 13 on cable TV. That would have been about 85 or so. I remember I just about died laughing while watching it.

Then I saw it again about 20 years later, and it just wasn't as funny. But I still laughed at The Blue Star (duh-duh DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH) gag.



Indeed. Its awful.