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Hammer Horror meets Italy via New Orleans

I do agree with other minor criticisms of "Macabre" that it does watch a little bit like an extended segment of a film such as "Asylum", but really it can be forgiven by that quite quickly - its a charming horror film. It is also suprisingly good in places. The horrible daughter is a particular gem, and the warped mother - the lack of any clear "hero" (apart from the subverted form of that in the blindman) and the father's indifference makes this unbelievable romp all the more probable.

Lamberto owes a lot to his father in this, and indeed it certainly feels quite eclectic - more 1960's than something culled from 1980 - but it is all the better for that dusty retro.

Odd to learn from the documentary that this was filmed pretty much straight after Dario Argento's "Inferno", and while that works differently on many other levels, I got a lot more out of this. It felt "complete", and it certainly comes full circle towards the end, where "Inferno" falls flat on it's face.