Does anyone have a copy of the subtitles to this film, or a translation I can make into an .srt file to view with the film?

Scroll down to the bottom, click the "FREE" button, wait for the "" link to appear at the bottom of the page, click on it, enjoy!


The above link no longer works so the subs. are as follows. I've no idea how accurate the French-to-English translation is (I don't speak French).


00:00:09:SMALL TALK
00:00:40: Oh, I don't like butchers' shop windows, yuck!
00:00:46: No, I like... umm... I don't know...
00:00:51: Yes, you know what I like for instance?
00:00:54: Opening a book months after the holidays
00:00:57: and finding sand between the pages.
00:01:01: Yeah!
00:01:02: And I also like:
00:01:05: eating the egg yolk on my plate in one big bite...
00:01:11: Eating ham straight from the wrapping paper...
00:01:13: Breaking off the corners of cookies.
00:01:18: I like...
00:01:19: pulling up my socks,
00:01:20:and peeing in the shower...
00:01:23:But I don't like...
00:01:24:I don't like pulling out nose hairs!!!!
00:01:38:You know what I like?
00:01:40:The innocence of kids.
00:01:47:I don't like to make love to a woman
00:01:50:and think about what's inside her...
00:01:55:I like the catalogue of ManuFrance,
00:01:58:the illustrated catastrophes in old encyclopedias.
00:02:05:The words: Trans-Europe-Express...
00:02:23:I like the graffiti down my street.
00:02:25:But I don't like the collection of my cousin who lives in Gueunion:
00:02:28:nail and hair clippings,
00:02:30:beard shavings,
00:02:31:appendices and bottles of tears.
00:02:35:I'd like to be the witness of a scene ...
00:02:37:so enormous ...
00:02:38:that nobody would dare use it in a movie!
00:03:08:I like the Bois de Boulogne park on holidays.
00:03:32:I like the dog of Miss Mauricette.
00:03:36:Oh yes: I like...
00:03:39:trains getting close to each other,when they approach the station.
00:03:49:But I don't like to leave one pea all alone on my plate.
00:03:59:I don't like beards without moustaches.
00:04:03:I don't like the idea
00:04:04:that one sleeps one third of one's life
00:04:07:but I like the idea that after death,
00:04:09:it won't be worse than before we were born.
00:04:12:I like: Bibi Fricotin,
00:04:13:Razibu Zouzou,
00:04:15:and little Cérébos.
00:04:17:I like Richard Willmark's laugh.
00:04:20:And, umm...
00:04:30:I don't like... umm...
00:04:32:the drop of water that goes back up...
00:04:42:I like... umm... my dog when he shakes his fur dry....
00:04:44:but not when he wakes me up
00:04:46:by pushing his cold snout against my cheek!
00:04:49:When I was a kid, I always liked the smell of toasted bread in the morning,
00:04:52:of the plastic around my books when school started again,
00:04:55:and the little pots of white glue... at school...
00:05:04:I liked taking escalators in the wrong direction,
00:05:06:rolling out oilcloth,
00:05:07:and stepping on immaculate snow...
00:05:13:But I didn't like...
00:05:15:and still don't like:
00:05:17:the carcasses of Christmas trees on the pavement in January.
00:05:23:I like: going on holidays!!
00:05:38:You know what I bought this morning with my friends?
00:05:40:as a ten o'clock snack...
00:05:42:three baguettes, two camemberts, and two little Côtes du Rhone wines.
00:05:48:That set us back 23 francs each.
00:05:54:Yes, we don't always have holidays!
00:06:01:I like to turn on the radio
00:06:03:and hear the song I just felt like listening to.
00:06:09: But I don't like the endof television broadcasts...
00:06:14:especially when I'm not sleepy!!
00:06:16:But when I go out at night,
00:06:19:I like to turn my head,
00:06:21:and see the Eiffel Tower lights go out.
00:06:35:And last of all,
00:06:38:when I watch a movie in the cinema,
00:06:44:I like to see the words:
00:06:48:THE END