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help me identify a kung-fu movie

Three movies actually.

1. I saw this one when I was a kid, it the mid 80s on VHS. Back then I thought Bruce Lee played in it, which could be, but I think it was a Bruce Lee clone actor instead. At the beginning of the movie, the hero standing outside a shed in a typical kung-fu environment (field, trees, bushes, etc.). There is a rock on the ground in front of him. The rock is as big as a say, football ball. Then he kicks the rock towards the shed, the rock hits the shed. Then an old man comes out of the shed, looks at the hero and nods to him.

2. Bruce or Bruce clone again. At the end of this movie, the hero fights the enemy. The bad guys have razor sharp discuses, I remember a scene when they throw 2 discus at the hero, and he grabs one discus with his hand (in between his big toe and index finger), and the other discus with his teeth! This is no joke! And this movie the NOT the 'Flying Guillotine'. However, it's possible that it's the same movie as the first.

3. Bruce or Bruce clone stars again. In this one, the hero needs to fight his way up to the top of a tower. This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT the 'Game Of Death'! The tower has several levels, each level has an unique bad guy the hero have to fight. All extremely talented, better and better as he's going up. I remember on particular enemy. This is an old man, and his room is full of snakes. I mean hundreds of snakes! They're fighting then he grabs a snake and bites it's head and dashes the blood around coming from the decapitated snake.

If anyone could identify these movies, that would be great. Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance!

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