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Standard Directory, 9th ed. - list of VUE Sufferers


Autlan Fallows

Found himself in a tall building at the time of the VUE. Injured by the bombardment of shards from an inwardly collapsing window, he awoke wrapped in bandages in a nearby hospital. Upon removal of these bandages it was discovered his skin had developed a texture much like crushed egg shells. Painful skin ailments developed every spring and autumn that would only improve once he was transferred to hospitals in warmer or cooler climates.

He has written numerous articles in Afcadifgan, submitted to several avian publications, that cite his suspicions that FOX, the society for ornathological extermination, is responsible for his skin complications. Attempts, he says, to use toxic metals to disolve and rupture his membranes, like a disinfectant would the cell wall of undesirable bacteria.

He is currently making preperations to fly north-north-west in just over a month's time. After which he will make a further trip north a few months later. Then North-North-East. Before following the similarly stepped semi-circular route to the south, that he's been forced to travel every autumn since the VUE.