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The Expendables borrowed heavily from this movie ? (spoilers)

I noticed a lot of similarities between dogs and the expendables, when they reccy the (unheard of) country they enter as ornithologists (bird watchers) are guided around by the generals daughter (mistress in dogs), even have a similar "party piece" weapon at the end of the movie, a grenade launcher in dogs and a grenade launching shotgun in expendables...

Perhaps Frederick Forsyth, Gary DeVore, George Malko , Michael Cimino should get writing credits on the expendables, just where does the line get drawn between homage/remake/plot borrowing ?



LOL, just watched it again last night. There is even a line in the film where the corporate jerk is talking to his boss and says "every man is EXPENDABLE"

I still love Sly's movie, but DOW kicks early 80s butt!


Expendables was fun, but it was a mess; if they were going to steal from this film, they should have stolen a bit more. There again, they did one thing right by adding more scenes with the mercenaries, because I actually cared whether they died. Apart from Shannon I didn't know or care about any of their names in Dogs.

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Yes it used to be called plagiarism...


In the cinema it's called homage ;)

But to be fair The Expendables was a slam-bam thank you mam slab of enjoyable overkill (literally) that probably ripped off just about any movie that was even vaughly related genre wise.