Prequel Script

(Just a reminder that I was formerly "Sewaat" on these forums.)

This is a bit of a long shot since I'm pretty sure almost no one visits this board anymore but I think I have an obligation to let people know about this, even if I am very late in doing so.

It took five years, but I've finally finished writing my screenplay for a prequel to The Changeling.

I discussed this with Catbookss and a few others back in 2015 so I doubt if anyone actually remembers but I recall a few people being interested in the idea so if anyone would like to read it, please let me know and we can exchange email addresses.


It's saying I'm too new to message you, but I am interested in the prequel.


I tried to send you a private message but apparently, my account is too new as well. Are you comfortable giving me your email address here?