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Where'd they film this movie?

Just wondering where this was filmed?


Los Angeles..San Fernado valley.


It was actually filmed in Colorado , primarily in and around Denver , with other scenes filmed in Georgetown , CO . Clearly the end scenes take place in Jackson , WY . Southern California wasn't "country" enough to portray the kind of modern west , "blue-collar" , feel of the late 70's . Disco and punk ruled at that point so filming progressed in Colorado . The end of "Any" was shot outside Joshua Tree National Park .


The person who said this movie was filmed in Colorado is wrong.

The filming locations for this movie (go to main page for this movie and click on "filming locations") show Bakersfield, CA, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as well as the Palomino Nightclub in North Hollywood, CA.

The first movie, "Every Which Way But Loose" was filmed mainly in New Mexico and Colorado. It's easy to see, check "filming locations" in each movie's entry on this site. Maybe the poster above was confused.

This is a general point but I'm surprised at people on here who ask where a movie was filmed yet it's easy to check "filming locations" at the left on a movie's main page.


Southern California wasn't "country" enough to portray the kind of modern west , "blue-collar" , feel of the late 70's . Disco and punk ruled at that point

A) Southern California isn't just the Los Angeles metro area.

B) Los Angeles is a pretty big city, you know. You can find just about any kind of music there, and in addition to punk and disco, the late seventies witnessed the full-scale "crossover" of country music into the mainstream. Unfortunately, by the 1990s, "country" had largely become straight rock with country twangs, themes, and touches, and it wasn't (in my opinion) nearly as good as the original country-rock of the late sixties and early seventies, let alone the rockabilly of the fifties.

But my point is that country music was actually becoming much bigger in the late seventies, and in the Which Way films, it hadn't lost its purity.

And as others have noted, the filmmakers did not shoot any of Any Which Way You Can in Colorado.


Side note: The motel the "mafiosos" used is now called Snow King Resort. The buildings, boardwalks, etc. shown as Jackson are/were actually there at the time, with modifications made over the years, of course. You can see some of the main ski areas also as background down many of the streets.



The part in the cabin at the end of the movie was Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I stayed in that same cabin about 10 years ago and when I saw this again recently it was like , "I've been there!"


This is from imdb. Showing all 11 filming locations

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA (Final fight)

U.S. 101 & Interstate 405, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson, Wyoming, USA

Snow King Resort Hotel, 400 East Snow King Avenue, Jackson, Wyoming, USA
(Originally known as the Ramada Snow King Inn; Hotel where Jack Wilson and many bettors are staying at for the big Beddoe/Wilson fight)

Million Dollar Cowboy Bay, 25 North Cache Drive, Jackson, Wyoming, USA
(Bar scene after the fight, with Glen Campbell performing)

Jackson Town Square, Jackson, Wyoming, USA (Conclusion of the big fight when Philo knocks out Jack Wilson with his one hand)

Bakersfield, California, USA

California Living Museum - 14000 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield, California, USA (also known as Bakersfield Zoo)

New York City, New York, USA

Palomino Nightclub - 6907 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, USA


Just curious...
Could someone here who is really familiar with Bakersfield tell me if the "Pink Cloud Motel" in this movie was actually a real place at the time? Or maybe they changed the name and decor of another hotel in Bakersfield for the movie? I visited Bakersfield a few years back and tried to look the motel up out of curiosity but couldn't find it listed in any phone book. So I am wondering if it went out of business or changed names, or maybe wasn't ever a real motel in the first place.


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