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So was she in fact the 'devil's' daughter???...

...or was it just nun superstition? I mean, after all, she seemed pretty nice at the end & "loved" the priest. I seriously doubt the devil's daughter could "love" anyone.

then U take into account the wind blowing everytime she was around & the nun choking herself when she was a baby guess is as good as mine.

Other Hell: 5/10
Otis: 6/10
Batman: Gotham Knights: 5/10


I think it was nun superstition since they are more than inclined to believe in the devil. In Europe, the devil isn't taken as seriously as a legitimate scary monster in a film. Exorcist type flicks are spun a different way usually because of this.

The psychokinetic daughter was more of a Carrie ripoff and remember how religious her mom was and how she kept saying she was the devil's daughter?