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It's finally happening in June!!

The long awaited Digital premiere of one of the most sought after rock films of the last 30+ years, AC/DC: Let There Be Rock, is being released in a Blu-Ray / DVD Combo pack on June 7, making it the first time, in the United States, fans can get an official studio release of the film, for the first time in over 25 years.

Here is the announcement posted on

Warner Home Video has announced AC/DC: Let There Be Rock for Blu-ray release on June 7, in a limited-edition BD/DVD combo pack. This legendary concert film covers a 1979 Paris concert during the Australian heavy metal band's "Highway To Hell" tour. Interview segments and humorous backstage footage show another side to the musicians, especially AC/DC's flamboyant lead singer Bon Scott, who died two months after this filmed concert.

The track listing is as follows:
Live Wire
Shot Down in Flames
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Sin City
Walk All over You
Bad Boy Boogie
The Jack
Highway to Hell
Girls Got Rhythm
High Voltage
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock

Special features include:

Loud, Locked & Loaded: The Rites of Rock: Seasoned rockers, actors and journalists recollect their rite of passage as early witnesses to the raw, bone rattling rock of AC/DC.

AC/DC: The Bedrock of Riff:No one has mastered the basic DNA of Riff Rock as successfully as AC/DC. Explore Angus and Malcolm Young's telepathic groove and the four-on-the-floor swing of Mark Rudd.

Angus Young: A True Guitar Monster: Angus Young's transformation from diminutive schoolboy to raging rock monster electrifies the masses. Find out what makes this time bomb tick.

Bon Scott: The Pirate of Rock 'n' Roll: Bon Scott was the ringleader of the AC/DC circus, balancing his screaming sexuality with a rakish charm. Get a glimpse into the life of a classic Rock 'n' Roll pirate.

AC/DC: A Rock Solid Legacy: From bar band to arena rock, AC/DC stuck to their guns and shot their way to the top. Fellow rockers and journalists chart AC/DC's ascent into the Pantheon of Rock Gods in rock 'n' roll history.

BD Playlist: your favorite songs in your favorite order

In addition, the Blu and DVD will present the film with a stereo surround track, making it the first time viewers can see the film in it's original soundtrack since the film's Theatrical release!!



Can hardly wait.
About time they released this classic in digital format.

I still have the original VHS.

badgers? badgers!? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BADGERS!!!


On Amazon there's a 30 dollar "Limited Edition" copy of this and a regular 15 dollar one. Whats the difference between the 2


The Limited is in a tin box and has a guitar pick, booklet, and some photos