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Ever been persecuted for listening to AC/DC?

Just recently I went on some stupid retreat up some mountains as part of a recquirement to get confirmed. I had told my mother a millions times before that I didn't want to get confirmed or go on some damn retreat. Anyways I spent three days at the retreat and packed my ac/dc shirt. I wore it the second day of the retreat and some fat ass b!tch catechist looks at me and exclaims, "Do you know what AC/DC stands for?" I reply in a way i thought would be truthfull and get me out of trouble "Alternating Current/Direct current???"

She pulls me away from rest of the class and makes me sit on a table and talk to her. "I read in a book that AC/DC stands for Anti-Christ/Death of Christ."
We get into this whole discussion and somehow I bring up Black Sabbath into the conversation and then she asks me to mention a song by Black Sabbath. I told her about Ironman and she was all, "Ironman? What's that song about?" I told her it was simply about ironman and then she says, "Well I like to listen to songs that have an actual point to them. I think ironman has some kind of santanic metaphor or message." To try and counter her argument I start talking about War Pigs and how it does have an actual point, an anti-war one.

She shoots her mouth, "Well yes war is horrible people die and everything but sometimes it is necessary. You need to respect the people fought and died in war." I try to explain to her that the song was released during the vietnam era so anti-war sentiment was high and that war pigs is a shot at politicians who make wars not the soldiers who fight in them. then she asks me why i don't listen to classic love songs like ones by the beatles. I told her that beatles were not all that innocent and how Charles Manson became a psycho who identified himself with their "White" Albulm, Helter Skelter and all that."

The whole conversation basically ends with her telling me that i should let Jesus into my heart, how i should open myself up to people and how i need to be hugged more and blah blah blah. If you ever been a situation like this one, feel free to post.


So, she's against the idea of antiwar songs and mentality, but she's a big fan of The Beatles?

I know that's the least of her hypocrisy, but still.


ac/dc rocks.
that's all that matters.



I remember a lot of the kids in my school telling me that AC/DC stood for .... against Christ defeat Christ,, I always knew that it was a bunch of Hogwash,,,,, long live AC/DC.. Bon Scott,, and Brian Johnson,, and of course the Young brothers,,, Let there be Rock....

are you going to bark all day little doggie,, or are you going to bite


Unfortunately, born-again christians are not renowned for their love of rock n' roll. It's not surprising that this happened when you were in their 'clutches', so to speak.

The reading of (allegedly) satanic messages in rock bands songs / names is pretty common, and doesn't need to be take seriously. Some folks have claimed that KISS stands for "Knights in Satan's Service", but what song of theirs is any kind of tribute to old Scratch? Not a single one!

The closest I have come to being 'persecuted' over something musical was this weird incident that happened to me when I was about 12. I was riding on a bus, and had a brand-new record album (in a bag) with me. Some hothead sitting across from me got the idea (from where it's totally unclear) that I had just bought a KISS LP, and he totally lost his s*** over this notion. I was so intimidated by this jerk that I fell silent, rather than show him proof that he was off-base. What LP did I have on me, you may be wondering? The soundtrack to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Anyways, it's probably a million-to-one shot that this a**hole is reading this post, but if he IS, I hope he dies a long, slow, and painful death - preferably of an AIDS-related illness.