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Took away Germinal's title

This adaptation is the most faithful and dramatic and wonderful of Zola’s novel.
I used to hold Germinal as being the pinnacle but this took that title away.

The people are not good or bad.
Only human.
While the adaptation is not good or bad.
It’s wonderful.
Brian Cox shows he could really act back in the day.
And Kate Nelligan is wonderful. The passion she imparts upon in her character of Therese is as if it is involuntary, as is usually the case. It’s more she loves love more than her lover.
Which is what makes the perf stand out as being unique, and so true.


They're making another starring Jessica Lange. She was in James M Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice so it's fitting that she star in the latest remake of the book Cain's book was based upon. Maybe they'll do it correctly, but I'm not holding my breath