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Fantastically original film!

This is an amazing film. Such a refreshing story as opposed to the usual revenge/quest type deal and the ending is a good message too.

Everyone talks about Drunken Master but for me it was THIS film where I first saw the drunken boxing style and fell in love with it and it actually made me buy Drunken Master on that fact alone.

Great display of styles from some talented people although it has to be said that it IS biased in favour of the Chinese but I wouldn't say it's nasty about it, in fact the Chinese do acknowledge the Japanese styles as being very good and Ah-to does respect the fighters plus the Japanese aren't really 'bad' guys in the traditional sense, they are just very honourable and are rising to a challenge like anyone would.

Definitely my favourite Shaw Brothers film by far because it's so different and probably in my top ten favourites as well.


I have to agree. I've been binge watching some kung fu films of late and they're all revenge flicks. After a while it gets repetitive and I find this to be so refreshing and unique, I wonder why we don't have more of this type.

I loved the dynamic and problems the couple had with each other, each representing their countries and cultures. And we get to see them showcasing their martial arts without serious blood on screen. The only film I saw of a similar nature without the martial arts was Bridge to the Sun (about an American who falls in love and marries a Japanese consul and they move to Japan when WW2 starts, based on a true story).

This is one of my favorites as well.

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